Hull Young People's Parliament

Are you Cluedup on E-Safety???

Opening the day
Getting warmed up!
Do you know???
Keegan and the cuts
Megan, Amber and the cuts
Heated discussion...
On Friday the Youth Parliament held their regular meeting at the Guildhall. This gave representatives from schools (both Primary and Secondary) to come along and have their voices heard. The main topic for this meeting was on E-Safety, basic safety on electronics such as your mobile phone and the Internet.
Many group activities and discussions were held throughout the day alongside PowerPoint presentations. Even though the topic for the day was E-Safety the point of the Youth Service cuts was raised quite frequently which sparked off other discussions... I happened to grab a few interviews with some of the attendees on the day.
For more information on E-Safety you can talk to your teacher or your parent/guardian, or visit,621701&dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Download a cop of the report from the day and see what happened!
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