The Magic Ballerina Shoes

It's about a girl who gets magic shoes and goes to another world

Chapter one

One breezy autumn afternoon, Fiona was sitting amusingly on her wall, staring at the amazing ballerina dance studio. Fiona always thought to herself when she sat on her wall "I've always dreamed of going there. But I have a bad feeling that mum will say no", then she suddenly said "pooh! I'm going to ask her!" So Fiona jumped off the wall, went through the back garden and into the house and asked her mum if she could go, her mum said "I would have loved you going to go but we can't afford it" she said depressingly. Fiona sighed and went to go sit back on the wall.

Chapter two

(The next day) it was Fiona's birthday today, the time was 6.45am, her mum sneaked in the room and said to Fiona getting her up "come on get up, get up! You're going to be late!"l
"Late for what?" Fiona said.
"For ballet class!" said her mum, as Fiona's face gleamed with joy as she heard the words come out of her mums mouth.

Fiona was too excited, she kept bouncing around.
"Woe, woe, woe!" Fiona's mum said, "save your energy!"

Chapter three

fiona and her mum went in the big wooden doors, they went down the echoey corridor and through the ballet school doors. They went up to the teacher, "ah you must be Fiona" said the teacher"say "hi" fiona" whispered her mum "hi" Fiona said nervously, "here come with me Fiona" said the teacher"bye Fiona, I'll see you at 3:00".Fiona waved back at her mum,"ok what size are you?"asked the teacher "why do you need to know my size?"Fiona asked "for your tutu of course, oh by the way I'm miss Robinson" "oh right, I'm 4.9 and my shoe size is a size 1"said Fiona.

Chapter four
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