International News. Belarus after president elections

Is there hope for change

Alexander Lukashenko has been sworn in for a fourth term as Belarus's president in the capital Minsk, after his election December 19th 2010.
President Lukashenko by 80% of the votes won another five-year term. However, international monitors have said the contest was deeply flawed.
EU officials boycotted the inauguration ceremonies for the Lukashenko’s crackdown against the opposition.
On election night thousands of demonstrators gathered in central Minsk to protest against Mr Lukashenko's re-election. They said the vote was rigged.
After some tried to storm the main government building police broke up the crowds, beating protesters and arresting hundreds.
Many, including the main opposition candidates, remain in jail, and more than 30 people face lengthy prison terms for causing mass disturbances.
Poland's government has already enacted a unilateral travel ban against the Belarusian authorities, and has encouraged other European countries to follow suit.
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