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New page for comments, questions, and information about young people's meetings and campaigns about the cuts

This is the new page on the Radiowaves section of http://www.cluedupinhull.com dedicated to stories and information about young people's meetings and campaigns about the cuts.

The page will feature comments and questions from children and young people and responses from people making decisions about the future delivery of services in Hull. If you have any comments or questions about the cuts, add them below or email them to cluedup@hullcc.gov.uk - or, if you prefer, you can download the attached questionnaire, fill it in and return it to the same email address.

We will also feature photos, videos, and documents from meetings and other events about the cuts.
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volunteer at the scheme says...
Just a thought but what is going to happen with the cycling scheme in East Park, as that was funded by disabled children and young peoples money? are the council going to run this or is this another cut?
11 March 11
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worker for young people says...
Services for disabled children to be axed despite £800m investmentBy Janaki MahadevanChildren & Young People Now8 March 2011 Specialist services for disabled children across the country are facing the axe despite additional government investment for short breaks provision, charity Kids has warned.The charity has reported that Blackburn and Darwen Council is ceasing funding for its short breaks services resulting in their closure from April. Kids free play sessions in East Riding of Yorkshire are also to end after the council pulled its funding. The charity has also voiced its disappointment that Wigan council cuts have resulted in the imminent closure of its key worker service for families with disabled children and a home learning and support service.Emma Clarke, Kids national director of direct short breaks, said: "Intervention in the formative years is particularly critical for disabled children and opportunities for them to mix with their non-disabled peers can measurably improve their life chances."Non-residential short breaks can also improve families’ wellbeing, for while the children are getting out and enjoying a trip in the community, their parents also get a break from full-time caring."Last December, the government announced an additional £800m investment for short breaks for families with disabled children. Kids has reasserted claims that with the funding not ringfenced it could be diverted to other council priorities."We appreciate that this is a challenging time and that local authorities are having to make difficult choices," Clarke added. "However, it is desperately sad and worrying that services that are meeting the needs of vulnerable groups so successfully are having to close. Kids will be working closely with staff and families, as well as with partners, to support them during this challenging period."
14 March 11
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swalkerscps says...
its a very good website
14 March 11
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Adele Fairhead says...
Hello all.....i share your concerns with regards to cuts within children and Young Peoples services. I work as part of Hull City Councils disability provision and recieved my termination letter a week before Christmas. I have been informed that i will not be able to stay on as a casual worker...as they fear i will gain contractual rights...shame...i love my job and have been described as a child centred key worker...i can't even say goodbye and ps it's not that i don't care enough to stay....i just have to walk away....
15 March 11
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Anthony says...
It is absolutely stupid that cuts are been made becuase the council have wasted funds let me explain:- The council have wasted 50 million pounds on double glazing and doors on a council estate, I say waste becuase three months later they pulled the houses down. Who ok'ed this? should they not be made accountable as this is miss use of funds? It is a waste of public money putting fresh flowers in Guildhall and twon centre. Who made the stupid desicion to have a 600 thousand pound tv in town centre, just so Hull City Council could keep up with the joneses ie Leeds and Manchester, where is the tv now? scrapped shows it was yet another desicion council made and NO ONE was made accountable. Freedom festival is that not a waste of public funds? Today I hear that a manager in a service managing three people is on the same pay as a manager in another with 40 staff under them how does this work? When are the council going to stand up and take responsability this is your mess
16 March 11
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