Get involved with Network News Week 21 - 25 March

You could win a Flip camera for your school!

Network News Week
Network News Week - a week of international news on the My World network!

Network News Week will celebrate the end of My Europe Network News, a project run by Digital ME and funded by Youth in Action.

Our teams all over Europe are currently working hard to prepare, as Network News Week will see our groups in Latvia, Poland, Slovenia, Germany and the UK transforming their classrooms into newsrooms. They'll be reporting on news in their school and telling us more about their amazing countries and we want you to get involved!

How to get involved...

Enter the Network News Week Competition

Download our resource and create a news piece about a current story from your school, town or region.

Then, upload it to the Network News channel on Network News Week and get involved in this exciting week of international activity on Radiowaves.

The most original, engaging and popular report will win a Flip camera for their school!

Join us on Network News Week!

Want to know more about Slovenia? Puzzled about Poland?

Come to My World on Network News Week and meet our teams, ask them questions, comment on their stories and take part in their quizzes and competitions!

Enter the new photo competition!

You can now enter our new photo competition to win a Network News Goody bag for your school! Take a photograph which sums up whats happening in your school at the moment, upload it to a story with a caption and submit it to the Network News Channel. For more ideas and an example, see this story:

Not a member of Radiowaves yet?
Teachers can create a station for your school on the My World network here:

For any more information about Network News Week, or to have your station added to the My World network, please contact

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