Routes into Languages International Football Match report

Interviews with players and fans

Match Report
S2R went to the International Football Match at Abbey Leisure in Cambridge. Interviews with 2 players, summary of the match and a half-time vox pop with the fans of how they think the match is going.
If I sound ill (which i do most of the audio) thats because im tired. And it was very cold.


We are going to watch the match between International Students and we are going to commentate on it.

Pre-Match Interview
Are you confident?
Yes, I am confident.
Do you think you will win?
Yes, I am sure of it, I hope
What do you think about the other players?
I dont know, I will wait until the end of the match
Do you think languages are important in sport?
Yes, very important.

Post-Match Interview:
What did you think of the match?
It was superb! I am very excited and I am very happy because Europe won. However, I played for the other team but only for 5 minutes so I don't think that affected the result
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