Should footballers be paid huge amounts of money ?

My homework of a balanced argument!

Many people say that football players are so rich that the they could go on holiday every single day. That would be really cool to go on a holiday every single day. I think that is amazing. Lionel Messi is a footballer and he is pretty rich because of the way he plays. The better the football plays the more money they get. Do the footballers play for the huge amount of money or do they play for pride? I don’t know but I think they play to win awards and win the game for their team. The real question is should the football players get paid so much money? That is the question!

People say that football players get paid at least fifteen pounds every minute. I think that is a complete joke. Other people say that the get about three hundred pounds every time they kick the ball. That is not true either but I do know that they get thousands and thousands of pounds. I think they don’t deserve the money because all they do is kicking a ball.

On the contrary the football players have to train nearly every single day for hours and hours. If I was a footballer I wouldn’t want to train as much as footballers do these days. They do deserve the money because the match’s are about one and half hours long. That would make me ran out of breathe. It is hard work and we don’t know how it feels like.

Furthermore football players take the money in their advantage. For example, if a player was really good and thought he wasn’t earning enough money then he could say that “I will leave this team if you don’t pay me more money!” That is like bribery but in the football world no one cares. The manager has to give money away just to keep on special player in your team.

However if the people do get enough money then they wouldn’t care about how much money they get in the future. They will have enough money and they won’t even have to ask for one more pennies anymore. That would help all the players around make everything fair. They play hard and if they get what they want they will realize how stupid they have been.

The conclusion should be that each and every sing le player gets the same amount of money. If you score a goal then you get extra and if you are the best player on the pitch then you also get extra money. I think that my idea will work but it is really hard for the players to except it but it has to happen.
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Esmee Gemma Molly says...
i find this terrible what about the people who are finding it hard to feed there family and aren't getting the money they need we should stop this right now!!!!!!!!!
05 October 15
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