The plan for Network News week....

You are the hosts, what will you do with your day?

We have decided to turn Network News Day into a whole week, from 21st - 25th March.

Each country will be given a day to host the station, and this will be your chance to present your country to the world! We will be telling thousands of people about Network News Week and your stories, blogs and videos will be on the Radiowaves homepage, and the My World network.

We are also having a competition for other schools around the world to enter their news pieces, which we want you to help us judge!

We are talking to your teachers about different ideas for the day, but we would like to know what you would like to do...

Here are some ideas:
You could....

- Make a short video about your country with some interesting facts, then write a quiz to test how much the viewer has learnt

- Set a competition or task for other reporters to enter to win a prize

- Make a slideshow of photographs from your school or town

- Tell us about the traditional food and drink in your country

- Make a story about famous people from your country

So, please leave your comments below to tell us about your ideas for Network News week and what you would like to do on the day your school hosts the network!
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