Hull Book Awards 2011

The Hull Children's Book Award is where students from Hull vote for their favourite book.

The Hull Children's Book awards is where students from different schools come together at Sydney Smith to vote for 5 Books to see which is the best. I have recently started to read The Dead of the Winter by Chris Priestley.
The books this year are -

The Dead of the Winter
Boys Don't Cry
Edge of Nowhere
The Prisoner of the Inquisition.

I went to the awards last year, that was my first year and I thought it was brilliant and it gave me the chance to read different styles of books. The winner of the Book Awards last year was Stolen by Lucy Christopher and after it won the Book Awards it went on to win lots of other awards.

While the awards are going on I will always keep you updated with what book I am reading and what I think of it but bye for now.
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