Have you ever heard about the Incas?It was the tribe which was insisting in XII century. Incas were living in Andes and their best time was in XV century. Recently I watched the program abou

Have you ever heard about the Incas?
It was the tribe which was insisting in XII century. Incas were living in Andes and their best time was in XV century.
Recently I watched the program about the Incas. It was not the normal film with information what they ate or did in their free time. It was really interesting because it was about Inca mummies of children. I was watching and I was really shocked…
The group of archeologists discovered on one of the Andes’ peaks three mummies of children from XV century. Bodies were in really good condition/state of preservation and they were looking like children who have just fell asleep. At the time of the theirs death a boy was 7, one girl was 6 and the second girl was 15 years old.
The most interesting for me was how those children have gotten there. So…one of the Incas’ customs was sacrificing children’s life for gods. The Incas’ leader had to choose three children which later were sacrificing in the high mountains. Parents couldn’t protest against it and they should be happy because that person who was sacrificing was immediately considered as a saint. These chosen children could not live longer with their parents because from that time they were under the care of priests who were changing their diet and preparing them for the long journey to the place where they were killed. These places where high peaks of mountains because Incas thought that they were saint. Three children had to travel on their feet for six months and climb on the Llullaillaco ( mountain 6000-metre-high). In that travel parents could go with their children. People were led by Inca, the same man who earlier has chosen boy and two girls.
The most difficult was the last climbing. Scientists have proved that the oldest girl had upper respiratory tract disease. She was getting cocaine to feel better. We don’t know how exactly that solemnity of the deposit of the victims was looking, but we know that the chosen children were wearing special ceremony clothes. Inca had given them a drink called “czicza”. It was alcohol made of corn and it made the girls and boy fall asleep. If you slept on that height, you would not wake up. But only fifteen-year girl have died because of drinking “czicza”. Most probably that boy was hit something hard. The youngest girl has been struck by lighting. The scientists know it because her hair and skin are charred. Her head is raised up. I think her last thing what she have done was just looking at the sky.
Why are the bodies in so good condition? So… that mountain Llullaillaco proved to be a volcano too. Volcano erupted soon after sacrificing and the bodies were covered with dust. It made an access of air to the bodies impossible. Decomposition process could not be.

On this photo we can see La Doncella – fifteen-year-old chosen girl. She isn’t looking for a 500 years, is she?
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