Garforth Waste Depot set to Re-Open in 2011

Was it all a WasteCare of time?

July 2010 and people are just waking up, sleepy in their preparation for the following day. But not all is as it seems in Garforth on this particular morning…
Because as people are brushing their teeth and switching on for the morning updates, fire fighters are battling a blaze which has broken out at the WasteCare recycling and processing plant overnight, causing authorities to close roads and evacuate the Holiday Inn across the road.
Eventually the blaze subsided, but left plenty of damage in its wake. The Royal Mail Depot next door was fire damaged and the roof took two months to repair and several houses on Hawthorne Terrace were also considerably damaged. Garforth Beck had to be cleaned of chemical waste that had leaked into it from the explosion for around a month.
Many people thought that after a fire of this magnitude, WasteCare may have sold the plant like it’s predecessors, Silver Lining, who were fined for ditching waste chemicals in Garforth Beck. But it seems that WasteCare have picked themselves up and paid for their own damages, and are aiming to be “up and running by the second quarter of 2011.”
But what’s the risk of another fire?
When the first fire broke out we all believed it to be a fluke. Reportedly toxic smoke was blown all across Garforth in fact, residents nearby were warned to keep their windows and doors closed until the air was safe to breathe again, spurring the closure of Strawberry Fields Primary School on Lidgett Lane. But residents, though thoroughly shaken, moved on as soon as the mess was taken care of. But now the plant is up and running again, questions are being raised as to the safety of the new plant. Sources report that this was the second fire to occur at a WasteCare facility within eight months and prior to this, workers at the Royal Mail Depot next door already claim to have been disgruntled by “hazardous” waste operations being carried out so close when they have no means of protection against toxic fumes of various other hazards that abound facilities such as this. .
So what can we do?
With the WasteCare plant re-opening in the near future, we can only hope that any problems have been fixed and chances of combustion have been considerably lowered and after one Garforth Fire, if another should unfortunately happen to occur, we’ll be ready for it.
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