An example how the news report was made

So here are some of my observations about a news report on TV which was made on the 31st of December, 2010.

A TV reporter was passing the information about New Year directly from Ljubljana's town square, Ljubljana is the main city of Slovenia, to a national TV station called 24 UR.
I can imagine how the reporter was preparing for the news report which was going live because he was making all kinds of jokes about New Year and people who were participating in his interview.

It really is a cliche how the news reports starts and ends. With a welcoming hello and warming have a nice day goodbye. But what it's between is always special. Well how could it not be if there are so many informations and so many different news to tell people about, right?:)

This news report was going live so it wasn't prerecorded and also there was a presenter so there wasn't a voiceover. But there are some news reports which are the exact opposite of this one. This is actually good because it's not so risky. Even though the reporter forget his text or has some kind of problem he can always fix it.

And it's also not obligatory to do it outside. A reporter can have his news report wherever he wants...on a party, in a library, in a studio, on the mountain, on the water and so on.

Sometimes, if a reporter wants to include public opinion, he makes an interview. It is made with all kinds of different people which is good because every person should have it's own opinion. If there is a political question involved than the reporter rarely speaks to people under 18 who have no political rights yet, so he choses older people.
If there is a discussion about kindergardens he will probably ask children what do they think about the change that is about to be made and what do they actually want to have in their kindergardens, maybe more toys?
In this news report, about New Year, people were asked about their personal wishes and goals they want to achieve in the next year.

So what I'm trying to say it's that every news report is something special because of a simple fact...there is always another new story to tell people that is different from the ones before.

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