Exchange visit - Germany

21-26.10.2010, Böblingen

In Böblingen
In October some students from my school went to Germany on an exchange visit within the Mediation Project. We were only girls: Weronika, Lidka, Ewa, Olga, Paulina, Marta and Gosia and me. Teachers: Mrs. Drabik and Mrs. Chachulska accompanied us and led some of the workshop. We flew by plane. When we arrived in Böblingen, families who we waited for us were sleeping. Over the next six days, we had mediation lessons and exam of mediation. Apart from that we had also the chance to spend time with families. It was amazing! There were many attractions, the airport, chocolate factory – “Rittersport”, big shopping centers. People were kind and polite. I liked them very much. Unfortunately, we witnessed also a big demonstration in Stuttgart and it was rather dangerous. You can read more on this page:
Even if we didn’t want, we had to go back.
BTW, it was excellent adventure for us and we want to come back to the Germany.
Fortunately, in May, our German friends will come to us and we'll see again (;

Greetings, Magda <3
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