Curl up with some Christmas reading

Check out a seasonal offering from local young people's author Peter Ardern

Christmas is coming and the nights are getting cold - it's the perfect time to curl up in the warm with a good book! There are some great classic Christmas books for children and young people, my favourites include -

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (by Dr Seuss)
The Snowman (by Raymond Briggs)
A Child's Christmases in Wales (by Dylan Thomas)
The Snow Queen (by Hans Christian Anderson)

You can now add to that list, the new book 'Merry Christmas, RIP' by local young people's author, Peter Ardern. 'Merry Christmas, RIP' is the third in the series of Billy Ingham books (the first two are 'Supergeek' and 'The Whitby Dancer').

Check out all of the books mentioned here (if you haven't done so already!) by popping in to your local library.

Tell us what your favourite Christmas book is.
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