Slovenian Big Brother of 'famous'

Big Brother...fair or dirty game?

Every one now this reality show, Big Brother. At Slovenia it’s the third time that is being organized and this time the famous Slovenians got to go in it. But are they really famous? 10 of them moved in and I never heard for 60% of them before. I don’t understand how they can be famous; if they really were I’m sure I would have heard for them before. After all, Slovenia is a small country. If you ask me, some of them became famous now with this reality show.
I was very disappointed when I watched it once. It’s a real shame what kind of people are famous in Slovenia. Gossiping all the time, hypocrites, mean to each other, arguing, etc. And this is how they are representing their self, represent Slovenia. If they have their self for famous they should at least try to behave. As soon as one of them is playing a fair game, they nominate him/her and hope that public will eliminate him or her. Even more, if they feel threatened by someone being to big competitions, they also try to eliminate him, even if he hasn’t done anything to give the dwellers to a reason to not like him and nominate him. Absurd!
Not to mention the unfair play for the organization of Big Brother. They make new people move in the Big Brothers house, after 3 or more weeks of the game already passed. And they have the same conditions and chances to win the prize as the others do. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem fair to me at all! The amount of money that the winner gets should get lower every week and the week that someone moves in the amount of money that is that week they should get, not the whole! It’s like a marathon run. 10 of competitors are almost at the finish but then a new one comes at last km and wins. And he gets the golden medal even though he ran only a km.
I wonder who will win. And if I’m not mistaking it will be one who came in lately and because of that has the best self control. The original dwellers will be eliminated, because the others will nominate them because of the threat as I said it before. But will see. I’ll let you know ;)
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