News Report Plan

News Report Plan

News Report Plan

Title:Werder Bremen
Reporters: Kevin Jochimiak [werderfaan]
Themes covered: Football [Soccer]
The point of my report is: to show the world what a kind of team Werder Bremen is.
What you are going to do: I wanna go to Werder Bremen and interview them.
Location(s): Outside (Bremen), Weser-stadium, Bremen city, different places
Companies involved: Werder Bremen
References: (???)

Questions for Werder Bremen:

How old is Werder Bremen?
How many players are in the team?
What's the score record of Werder Bremen of the best match?
What's going on with Werder Bremen at the last time?
What's about the new players in the team?
Why says arnautovic that Werder Bremen is a „Saftladen“?
What's in the future will Werder Bremen come back?

Ok thank you really much
Have a nice Day
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