In 2050

This is about what the Olympics will be like in 2050, hope you enjoy reading it...

Hey Guys,

Today I wanna tell you something about a small article

In the article the author talks about the whole situation of Werder Bremen in the CL Champions League!
Werder Bremen had the worst time ever and everybody knows that they will be relegated from the CL [But the CL is not everything in the Bundesliga they had the worst time ever too!]!
For this reason they lose really really much money!

I´ve read that one and I think the article-reporter has the same opinion as me.
My opinion is that Werder bremen played really badly particularly in the last 20 minutes.
All the players made a lots of mistakes in the last part (as same as everytime).
If I say mistake I talk about that Werder Bremen don't take a look at the other team in the match in the last part of the game.
In the article he talks about that Werder Bremen was destroyed in the last 20 minutes by FC Twente.

Okay guys thanks for reading!
Your werderfaan [Kevin Jo.]
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