Volunteers work for Europe

The social service in Bremen (SFD) sends young people to contries all over Europe to do social work and advance the togetherness of Europe.

This is a interesting story about young European who have the chance to travelfor one year to an European country:

This article tells about peoplo who done social work for example in a kindergarden or in a home for old people. The jorney is completly paid by the organisation an you get pocket money every month. Also preparing courses and classes will be paid and you have the chance to get to know new people, learn a language and make experience. This can be a wonderful preparation for your life and maybe you find out what to do with your life. This year can help you to develop an Euopean awareness an become more independent.
In my opinion it´s a wonderful experience and very helpful to make some new friends and contracs which can be very important and useful. After school I want to travel and this a good way to do is especially for young people who want to learn something.
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