Trivia quiz: stress

Check, how stressed are you?1. Have you got any problems with falling asleep?a) No, I don’t but I wake up at the nightb) Yes, it’s really hard to me to fall asleep because all the

Check, how stressed are you?

1. Have you got any problems with falling asleep?
a) No, I don’t but I wake up at the night
b) Yes, it’s really hard to me to fall asleep because all the time I’m thinking about something
c) I haven’t got any problems.

2. Finish the sentence: If I have a problem…
a) …I don’t know what to do. I don’t know anyone who can help me.
b) …I will not say about it anybody
c) …I will tell my parents about it, friends, people who never disappoint me

3. If you know that you have to write an exam, you
a) always put off your preparation and finally it is too late for anything
b) always start learning late
c) try to repeat not much but systematically

4. How often have you got a time only for things you really like to do?
a) never
b) rarely
c) everyday or almost everyday

5. Your family is…
a) nightmarish
b) full of pessimists
c) great, I can trust them and I’ve never disappointed them

6. Finish the sentence: Life is…
a) a nightmare
b) I don’t know, I don’t have any strength to think
c) variable and surprising

7. Do you think you can organise your free time?
a) No, I’m hopeless
b) Maybe sometimes
c) I’m sure I can

8. Do you like reading books?
a) No, I don’t.
b) I did but now I don’t
c) I love it

Mostly a
You are very stressed.
You’ve got serious problems. You are stressed all the time. All people are annoying for you. You don’t manage yourself. You need immediate help. First you should to get enough sleep (even 12 hours) and than tidy your room. You should cry on sb’s shoulder.
Mostly b
It’s not bad but not very good
You’re not on the brink of a nervous breakdown, but you can’t manage with your stress. You treat everything too serious. You have to stop, because it will finish very bad. You have to control your dark thoughts and smile a lot. Become an optimist.

Mostly c
It’s really good
I don’t have any advice for you because you manage very well. If you want, look around. Maybe someone is stressed and needs your help.

Translated from a polish magazine for students Victor Gimnazjalista.
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