Copyright Rules

What you can and can't do on Makewaves

What is Copyright?
Copyright is something that protects people's work.

Why is Copyright important?
Imagine if you made something, like a picture or a song. You put a lot of time and effort into it and you were really happy with the results. Then imagine if someone else just took that thing you made and didn't give you any credit.

This is why we have Copyright. Copyright protects things like music, books and paintings.

It's important to respect other people's work and credit them whenever you use something that was not made by you.

These are the Copyright rules on Makewaves:

- Don't copy text that you didn't write. For example: song lyrics, Wikipedia pages or news stories from other websites. Do not try and pass someone else's writing as your own...we can tell!

- Don't upload videos you didn't make! You can't take a music video or advert from YouTube and put it in a Post. This site is for the stuff that YOU create!

- You can use music clips in your stories, videos and podcasts, but if your video or podcast is under 30 minutes long, you can only use a 30 second clip from a song

- If your video or podcast is over 30 minutes long, you can use full songs, but never the same artist back to back. For example, you can't just play a whole album by one act.

- When using pictures, make sure they are copyright-free or the person who made it has allowed you to use it. Here is a list of places to get copyright-free pictures:
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