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What is Copyright?

Copyright allows people to own the fruits of their creativity in the same way that they can own physical property.

It enables creators to earn money from their work, as well as protecting it and allowing them to control how other people use it.

Copyright law aims to balance the interests of those who invest their time and effort in creating work, with those of the people who want to use and enjoy that work.

If you'd like to discuss Copyright with your students further, we have a Mole Post they can read here -

Some good links to exemplify copyright to the children include:

BBC Bitesize:

Music and Young People (Childnet)

Library of Congress (USA)

Creative Commons


Makewaves has licences with MCPS/PRS which allow your reporters to use commercial music in their stories.

Our licences allow you to use commercial music in the following ways:

If your radio programme is under 30 mins you can use clips (chunks of 30 seconds or less) of commercial music. You can use multiple clips in one radio programme.

If your radio programme is over 30 mins you can use full commercial tracks but not the same artist back to back.

For more information on using music check out this story-

Images and Videos

It's so easy nowadays to find any image you want, all you do is simply go to a search engine and type in a word e.g. 'flowers' and thousands of images will appear within seconds and it's the same for videos.

These images and videos your pupils are saving are not theirs to use as they will belong to someone else.

A quick way to tell is to check whether there is a copyright watermark on the photo/video however this may not always be the case so always remember to find out where your pupils have saved their image from.

Rather than searching and finding someone else's image, Makewaves suggests they either create their own or download an image from a Royalty Free website.

As for please make sure your pupils aren't uploading their favourite music or You Tube video.

Check out our Useful Links to find out about these websites such as Flickr!


Please only upload documents that you have made yourself or that you are allowed to share.


It is important for your pupils to understand that they cannot simply copy and paste text from another site.

We want to encourage Makewaves Makers to write their own articles and stories.

Makewaves wants Makers (and even publishers) to think creatively and check what images, video, music, etc. you use when uploading to Makewaves or to another site.

If your pupils have been given permission to use someone else's work then it is very important that they remember to always give credit to the creator.

If you have any more questions or need advice please contact the Makewaves Team on 0113 246 9989 or email

Useful Links

Free Photobank
The Public Domain Review Pintrest board
The British Library
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