How to use your video camera!

Very soon you will be receiving your video camera! This video guide will help to show you how to use it.

Camera tips

First, turn your video camera upside down.

Slide the cover on the bottom of the video camera to the right.

The cover will now open.

Insert the battery in to the camera as shown in the photo on screen; make sure the battery is the right way round.

Gently push the battery in to place; it will click once it is in the correct position.


Next to where you placed the battery there is a space for a memory card.

Ensure that the memory card is the right way round before you insert it.

This should push in to place easily.

If you need to eject the memory card, simply push it in and it should then come out.

To finish, close the battery/memory card compartment door and push it to the left. It will click in to place.


You should have two separate cables.

Connect the two cables together, and then insert the power cable in to the charging port.

We’re now ready to charge the video camera! The charging port is located on the right hand side of the camera – where the hand strap is.

Lift the rubber seal and plug the power adapter in to here. It could take 3 to 4 hours for the battery to charge for the first time.


To turn the camera on and off press the button marked POWER at the top of the camera, once, the screen should then light up.

Similarly, to turn the camera off, press the POWER button once and it will switch itself off.

The camera may display a message saying Reading Card, this will disappear after a few seconds, it is just checking the memory card you inserted.


To record video, first make sure that the video recorder is set to MOVIE MODE.

To change from MOVIE MODE to PHOTO MODE simply move the wheel, shown on screen, with your thumb.

To record, press the large red button, the video camera will then begin recording.

The screen will begin to display how many seconds you have been recording for. To stop recording press the red button once and wait a couple of seconds. The video camera will then beep to tell you it has stopped recording.


To connect your microphone, plug the cable in to the red socket and connect your headphones to the black socket.

It is important that you do not hold the microphone too close or too far away from the person or sound you are trying to record.

Using your headphones will enable you to check whether you can hear the sound clearly before you record.


To zoom in or out you will need to use the large grey button on top of the video camera.

To zoom out, press the button to the left.

To zoom in, press the button to the right.

Try not to zoom in too quickly as the video camera might find it difficult to focus on the object you are trying to record.


To connect your video camera you must first remove the removable base of the tripod.

Unclip the removable base from the tripod by pulling the large clip underneath it and lift it off the tripod.

The video camera will have two very similar connections to the removable base.

Connect the removable base and the bottom of the video camera together. Make sure they align with the corresponding holes.

Now, use the screw attachment underneath the removable base to secure it to the video camera.

The video camera is now attached to the removable base.

Place the video camera and the removable base back on to the tripod. Push the clip back in, to secure it back in to place.

The video camera is now attached and you’re ready to start filming!

REMEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you start filming, record a small piece of video to make sure that the camera and all the equipment is working correctly.
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