Hi, Everybody !?

Voilà! I finally made my own description!Huh! Where should I begin ?Well ... Here is a short list of things I personally adore: XD--> ACTING--> TECHNOLOGY--> LANGU

Voilà! I finally made my own description!

Huh! Where should I begin ?
Well ... Here is a short list of things I personally adore: XD

--> SCI-FI
--> 80'S MUSIC
(and my personal favourite) ...

As you can probably see I'm not very good at expressing myself in any kind of way, but let me start at the beginning. I am about 16 years old at the moment. I attend the Jesenice Grammar School in the single most beautiful country in the world, called Slovenia (look it up on the Internet or something).

I use most of my spare time in front of a computer, just as Technology Freaks do.
Besides spending my time communicating with a circuit board, I listen to great amount of old fashioned music, especially the one from the 80's. I love the tones and the vibes and the colour, but enough jibber-jabber.

The biggest passion of my life is undoubtedly acting. Although I started just last year ago, It's become the single most exiting activity I've ever been doing. Maybe, just maybe there is a chance for me to succeed.

O.K, I should stop boring you now ...
.. Happy autumn holidays!
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