10 top tips to make a good news report!

A rundown of ten top tips to help you to create a fantastic news report!

Top Tips For News Reports
How to make a good news report!

There are 10 essential points you need to think about before, during and after your news report:

1. Storyboard
2. Location
3. Equipment
4. Safety
5. Lighting
6. Script
7. Camera Angles
8. Sound
9. Questions
10. Extra shots

1. Storyboard:

Make a storyboard and follow it! That way you won't waste time filming something you won't use.

2. Location:

Try to find a good location that will help to tell your story.

Remember, it may be fine to film in and around your school but to record anywhere else, such as parks, shopping areas and libraries, you'll probably have to get permission beforehand.

3. Equipment:

Make sure your batteries are fully charged and that you've got a spare.

Ensure that you have enough space on your device to record.

Make a checklist of items to take; this way you wont forget anything!

4. Safety:

Check that where you want to film is safe and that you have the owners permission to film there!

Tidy any cables so that you don't trip over them.

5. Lighting:

If you're outside make sure it’s not too sunny and if you are filming at night, ensure there is enough light to film what you want.

Ensure that your interviewees stand with their back to the light o be side or direct onto it depending on the strength

6. Script:

Write down the reporter's script on cue cards.

Use large print so the presenter can read them when they are placed just behind and to the side of the camera.

This way you'll make fewer mistakes and you will sound professional.

7. Camera Angles:

Use different camera angles during your news report to help keep the viewer interested.

Don't use too many different camera angles in your final video as this will overcomplicate and confuse your audience.

8. Sound:

Make sure the microphone is pointing at the person who is speaking, but do not hold it too close to their face.

9. Questions:

Ask lots of questions so you have a good range of answers to choose from.

Speak clearly and slowly so that the people watching your video can understand what you are saying.

10. Extra shots:

It's always useful to film pictures which show what is happening at the location to explain what you are talking about.

For example if you're talking about football, record some close up shots of the ball, the players feet, as well as some distant shots showing the pitch and the crowd.

REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER !!! Check both during and after your recording whether your video and sound have recorded correctly!
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