Mairi Hedderwick

Author and illustrator Mairi Hedderwick went to Carleton Primary to talk to Primary 2

Interview with Mairi Hedderwick
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Sophie says...
10 May 10
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Miss Waite says...
Where you shy when you asked the questions?
Did you feel nervous talking someone so famous?
Did you know about Katie Morag before you did the interview?
You had very clear voices. We think they were good questions.
Thank you,. 1B West Hove Infants School, Brighton England.
We had a Katie Morag day and listened to your interview.
22 June 11
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P1/2 class JP II Primary says...
We like to read your Katie Morag stories. It was good to find out how you became an author and to hear how you get all of your ideas. We are doing Katie Morag as our topic and we're learning lots! Thankyou
16 February 12
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Mr Powell and 2P says...
The children at Bablake Pre Prep really enjoyed listening to your interview with Mairi Hedderwick. Thnk-you very much!
06 March 13
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George Bale says...
This interview helped me with my homework.
Thank You
George Aged 6
12 January 14
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