Sir Matthew Pinsent launches School Search

An interview with Sir Matthew Pinsent as he launches the World Olympic Dreams School Search

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We were asked to undertake a telephone interview with Sir Matthew Pinsett, the four times Olympic Gold Medal holder and now BBC presenter, as he was launching the World Olympic Dreams School search today.

Our interview can be viewed on the BBC School Report Website report(slash)8985773(dot)stm]>

More information regarding the World Olympic dreams can be found on the following websites.
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Mark Riches says...
Well done - really good interviews and questions. I notice this report is second most popular on the site. I think if you put Sir Matthew Pinsent name in the title you'd get to number one!
24 September 10
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Kate Farr says...
I came across this by accident whilst researching and it was a total suprise. Hoping that this message gets those who orgaised and delivered the interview. Congratulations, I am sure that you were successful - I only wish that my higher education students could deliver such a professional piece of work. Be very proud.
11 January 11
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