Interview with Sir Ken Robinson

Radiowaves reporters interviewed Sir Ken Robinson at the Liverpool ICT Conference

Radiowaves reporters from Broughton Hall High School, Gateacre Community Comprehensive School and St Julie’s Catholic High School interviewed Sir Ken Robinson to find out more about transforming education through creativity and innovation.

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Luke says...
Great stuff!
14 April 08
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Michael Coghlan says...
Great work everyone. Really enjoyed it - thank you.
02 December 08
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Joan Britten says...
An old girl from St Julie's here - or Notre Dame as it was when I left in 1981. Well done for such a great interview! I hope Sir Ken has inspired you. He is one of those wonderful cutting-edge scousers who make Liverpool the great place it is. As a teacher I totally endorse what he says and try to encourage creativity in my classroom.
27 July 09
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Mary Walker says...
Brilliant interview kids. Hearing Sir Ken's Desert Island Discs this morning inspired me to find out more about him. As a Liverpoodlian myself I can relate to his background although some years his senior It is very reassuring to find our thoughts on Education are so similar. I agree with everything he says and particularly admire the humorous way he puts it across. As a victim of the 11 plus system in Liverpool in 1947 I acknowledge Sir Ken's achievements and am grateful for them.

Mary Walker ( Bournemouth but Liverpool is my home town)
03 November 13
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Vince Conlon says...
Inspiring, both Sir Ken and the children of Liverpool. I'm fortunate to teach and learn from them in the city.
08 November 13
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