My Diary Entry On My School Holidays

Target: To use figurative language such as similes and metaphors in appropiate genres, e.g. creative writing, diaries, poems and etc

Thursday 27th May 2010 17:19

Dear Diary,

Today school ended for half term holidays. Had bit of dreadful day because fell out with my friend for a bit but now we are friends so am a happy human. Tomorrow is mums birthday am so excited might go out to dinner.
On Saturday I have tuition, sometimes is joyful sometimes is plain boring! :| On Wednesday next week might go cinema with Ayesha to watch Street Dance 3D, heard it is good! :D A another day next week might go cousins house for sleep over. Overjoyed 1st day back to school is lincolnsfield yay. Might take you and write things about every day!! Already packing my suitcase :D cant wait!
Bye Bye diary see you tomorrow!! xxx

Friday 28th May 17:25

Dear Diary,

Its mums birthday!! We are going to the city to have dinner. I can't tell you how old she is I am afraid but I can tell you she doesn't look her age (in a good way).
Today at school we had a peaceful lesson because its friday so we had a rest! I am still excited for lincolnsfield and am too excited I feel like I am born to be happy. I am also excited about the world cup I am supporting England! Now do you get why I feel like I was born to be happy? In all of my holidays I feel free to play around and it is summer now so its nice to go out in the garden and play, right now I feel extremley hot I have to have a ice lolly! Mums calling me sorry got to go!

Bye Bye Diary see you tommorrow xx
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