Video Diary 1 - Day 2. Henry de Jersey's route to Passchendaele

Group One's epic adventure following John Henry de Jersey's route to Passchendaele

Group 1 - Henry de jersey
Sophie, Liz, Gemma, Laura, Flix, Claire, Miss Murie and Katy follow the route of a Guernsey soldier named John Henry de Jersey who was fighting for the Canadians. We've made a film about his experiences in October 1917 and we hope you enjoy it :)
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Chloe says...
I found this video very interesting about John Henry de Jersey. The most interesting part was when they were fighting up a hill and it took them a long time but it only took the girls 2 minutes.
02 November 07
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M-J says...
I found this video very interesting. I is hard to believe that it took them 100 days to get there and that 11,953 people were buried in that graveyard.
04 November 07
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Francesca says...
It was very touching to hear how many people died. It is incredible
06 November 07
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john henry de jersey says...
this was a good insight to my distant relation, it pleased my father to put a few more pieces to the puzle
thank you john
05 October 08
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Alex says...
this has good info that i never knew.How did you knew where he was injured?How did he die?Thats loads of people who died from world war 1!That was very interesting and the number of people who died was incredible.
10 November 08
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