Rush UK

You will love it, trust me!

Rush is a really cool place,if you've been it's amazing right? Anyway I went for my birthday and it was amazing , I went with Polly(cspc) Tayiba(csti) and Giarn(csg

When we were on the foam pit there was this weird boy who thought because Polly was scared at first It meant all girls are wimps:'(. Then he jumped of and tried to throw foam cubes at us but, obviously he missed.After we went on the battle beam I obviously was champion because I beat my cousin Aadam (csar2)

I beat Giarn basically I beat everyone but then Giarn beat me. No!
So he became the champion. Anyway after that we went on the normal trampolines and then we went on the number warrior course and I couldn't do the second course same with everyone else. After that we went on the basket ball part and I scored a lot and behind us there was a rope that you had to walk and balance on, because nobody could do it we would hold each others hands and I think the furthest was Giarn or tayiba. Anyway after that we went on Wipeout and Polly and tayiba lost:'( . But me and Giarn won. After we finished we couldn't find Polly or tayiba anyway so we went on trapeze and accidently sent the wrong way, but forget that they weren't there so we were going to check on the hints warrior course but then they came. We said "We looked for you on trapeze!" But then they said "We just went on trapeze!" Now that was crazy. After we went on Wipeout but then they called "PURPLE WRISTBANDS"
and we were like Nooooo anyway it was really fun so I'm just saying
If you haven't been to Rush UK yo definitely need to
Bye !!!!!
Just one more time,you Need to go!
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