The night band beta ver

Mr Brom's request

Sabrina:sigh... Music lessons are boring what will we ever need this for anyway?
Mr brom:you don't play the music you let the music play you!
Sabrina turns around
Sabrina: guys I prefer dancing what should I do?I would rather go to a night club and dance, but Mr B is right I gotta try!
Hold on ! What about if I try to make both!?
Sabrina then begins to walk to the night club with many instruments
Sabrina:oh no! I can't play ! I know I should have listened. Hmm, wait! I know who could help! The rock band ! Repeat after me help me play can't do it myself oh rock band I need your help!
One of the rock band:whaddup y'all?
Sabrina: will you play at my club?
Another member:yeah but first let me tell my joke! I say I say I say why are ghosts bad at lying? Cause you can see right through them!
Rock band member does the drum beat thing
Sabrina,just play already !
Rock band plays
The end!
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