The K channel:-P

Today I have something different

Today is Harry Potter Day
Hi it's K and today we have a riddle and quite hard would you rathers and we have another vote and a funny Harry potter fact (ish)
So first I'm going to do the riddle first,
So on a Sunday morning a lady found her husband dead the police got some alibis
Here they are: the cook was cooking dinner
The maid was picking the mail
The boy was on his phone
And the daughter was playing on the computer in the kitchen
So the police arrested the murderer straight away .
How did they know who did it?

It's the maid there's no post on Sunday ! funny right
Now time to do the would you rathers
So first one :would you rather be sick for the rest of your life or kill five puppies
Next , would you rather get murdered of your friends be murdered
Hard right
So now it's the vote
Have the Elder Wand or be Harry Potter, I would be Harry potter because the Elder Wand will get taken from Voldermort
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