My First Day at Scutari Hospital

Step back in time to 4th November 1854 as Mrs C's historians write as Florence Nightingale.

Gracie writing as Florence
Tabitha writing as Florence
Halle writing as Florence
Ruby writing as Florence
Isobel writing as Florence
Francesca writing as Florence
Daniel writing as Florence
We have been writing to inform through writing diaries. We used what we have been learning to write Florence's diary on the night of 4th November 1854, the day she entered Scutari Hospital in Turkey, a year after the Crimean War began.Come and listen to our diary entries to see what conditions were like for Florence, her nurses and those brave soldiers.

Florence showed great determination and persistence in her dream to become a nurse. She never gave up even when she was faced with challenges, she worked hard and always cared for others. A great example linked to our Make your Mark school focuses.
Dream Big
Work Hard
Care for Others
Learn from Mistakes
Believe in Yourself
Take Risks
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