My first kids Triathlon

Fundraising triathlon for cancer research

I took part in the kids triathlon at Trentham Gardens on Saturday the 9th September. I wanted to raise some money for the cancer research charity so I asked my family and friends to sponsor me to do the event too.

I was in the 9 - 12 year old category and I had to do a 50 m lake swim, 2 km bike ride and a 1 km run.

I raised almost £200 for Cancer research UK .

In the lake it was cold, dirty and there was loads of reeds. Around 20 people at a time were swimming around the buoys. After the swim I ran about 200 meters in my wetsuit to the bike area where I got changed into a t shirt and put my helmet on. Then I did a bike ride around a muddy path. And then I went back to the transition area where I put my bike and helmet back and then I ran on a different muddy path which was steep but I didn't stop and I reached the finish line. I had to do 2 laps of the bike circuit and 2 laps of the running circuit. Out of all the stages I enjoyed the bike and run the most. The swim was really hard because I've not swum in a lake before and my feet got tangled in the weeds which I didn't like but I knew I had to keep going so I went round the course twice because I didn't want to quit.

My family and some friends came to cheer for me and we went to the pub to celebrate.
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