Which animal do you think is the deadliest ?

By Dylan

There are all types of different tigers like the Bengal tigers the Siberian tigers. Tigers are the largest, strongest and most fearless of the big cats. They have good hearing and excellent eyesight making them deadly night time hunters. They hunt alone, and the prey mainly on large antelope an deer. They launch surprise attacks by approaching from down wind so their prey can't smell them coming. Hungry tigers have been know to attack young elephants and sometimes even people.

Snow Leopard
The snow leopard hunts on his own and has been found as high as the Everest base camp. It is difficult to spot a snow leopard as he is quite shy and he has a large territory of over 40 square miles over which he hunts for goats and ibex

Black Caman Alligator
All alligators have a long narrow skull with muscles set far back to allow the jaws to open wide so they can grasp large prey. The Caman alligator hunts as part of a team. They work together to confuse their prey before one of them dives in and traps the prey in its deadly jaws. They each take it in turns to dive in for the prey. They mainly eat fish and birds but they have also been known to hunt for deer and capybara.

Great White Shark
The great white shark is probably the most famous shark of all. It is also probably the largest meat eating shark in the sea. A great white shark leaps out of the water to catch its prey. The great white is a fierce and dangerous hunter. It feeds on a wide range of sea animals such as dolphins which it catches with its jagged, razor sharp teeth. The shark shakes it's head from side to side to bite off chunks to swallow.

Emerald Tree Boa
The super strong Emerald Tree Boa is a constrictor that squeezes the life out of its prey. Its flexible jaws let it swallow food whole. It can blend in with the South American forest habitat and it can hunt at night using heat sensitive pits and it strikes its victims with lightning speed.
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