My day out at Silverstone racing track

Formula 3 Cup and other races

On 2nd July, my family went to Silverstone for a day of MSVR races. There were a lot of different races including different cars; Monoposto, F3 Cup, Production BMWs, the GT Cup and the LMP3 Cup for endurance cars. In the very first race we saw an engine blow up about 5 metres away. It was absolutely epic.
We sat in the Woodcote B stand. There were really good chairs and we saw lots of the track (and I ate lots of bonbons).
I liked going in the paddock as I could see all the racing cars. I could get so close I could literally touch them.
The car park had loads of awesome cars - Lambourghinis, Ferraris and even a McLaren - my favourite type of car ever!
I think Silverstone is a legendary place.
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