Year 6 Trip To Liverpool

Take a look at our pictures from our day at The Maritime Museum and travelling on the Mersey Ferry.

On Monday 12th June, Mrs Rowland, Mrs Limb, Mrs Holden and Mrs Kenyon went to the Maritme Museum in Liverpool to learn more about the sinking of the Lusitania during World War 1.
Some of the children and staff were in the right place at the right time to meet a gentleman who was the grandson of Francis Hennessy. Francis had been a seaman working on the deck department of the Lusitania. He saved many passengers as the Lusitania was sinking. Fortunately, he too managed to survive. The children and staff were lucky enough to chat to his grandson as he was looking at the displays about the Lusitania and his grandfather.
To complete our day out we went on the ferry across the Mersey - we certainly ended up windswept !
( Apologies for those pictures which are the wrong way round!)
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