On Saturday I will race.

I am going to represent the school.

On Saturday I will be representing the school. I will be running 60meters , relay and javelin. I am very excited. I think I have more chance winning the relay. In the relay I am running with Hallie, Zara and Emily. I am the only year 3 girl who is doing it.

Since Mr Coop our teacher is running the competition Mrs Vorley, Mrs Hilton and Mr Coops sister are looking after us. I don't think I can win them all but I will try. This is my first ever athletics competition. My mum and dad are coming to watch me. My brother is going to be at football with his friends. The competition starts at 8:45 so I will get up at about 8 o'clock.

Me, Charlie and Jacob are the only people in our class that are doing it. I will feel very happy if I win a race.
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