Mock Election

On Thursday the 8th of June, people all over the country had the opportunity to vote for the party that they believed would be the most beneficial for the UK. As a school, we held our own mock election, this was in order to see if students in the Academy had the same opinion as the rest of the country.

It's safe to say that there's a clear difference in results; the general election, in which no party achieved a majority, left the country divided. Whereas it was resounding Labour vote with in the academy.

Almost half the 80% turnout were in favour of Labour. However, it was a marginally close between the other parities. The Liberal Democrats consistently received the fewest amount of votes in each year group. Conversely, the amount of Conservative votes varied massively when year 8 appeared to be more in favour of their campaign than any other year. The recent visit from local Green candidate Harry Webb clearly swayed the opinion of some students and left the parties votes neck-a-neck with conservatives.

Year 10 student Alexandria, believes the mock election "really showed what young people believe is best for the UK." The mock election enabled all of the students with in the academy to have a taster of what it's like to vote, as well as an insight into current politics. It's safe to say that Labour had our vote.
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