#Man United new kits 2017/18

Learn about the new Man United kits!!!!!

Man United's new kits for the new season are amazing. Will the kits give Man United good luck or bad luck?!!

The amazing away kit!!!!
Lets hope the away kit gives United away from home next season. This is the best away kit Man United have had in years because the others have been a plain colour but this one is two colours and a lot nicer!!!!!!
The brilliant home kit!!!
What a super kit. This is one of United's best home kits of all time. Sponsered by Cheverlot and adidas the kit has black and white strips coming on the end of the short sleeves. This kit will hopefully help Man United win a huge league title and maybe even the worlds biggest completion - the Champions League!!!!!
If you like Man United you must surely like this kit.
Thanks for reading!!!!
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