General Election 2017 - Interview with Green Party candidate Harry Webb

Harry Webb is interviewed by students about the 2017 election

Following on from our attendance at Belton's political hustings event, Green Party candidate for Great Yarmouth, Harry Webb, kindly took up the offer to visit Ormiston Venture Academy to answer questions submitted by students and to have a look around the Academy. After the hustings event, which 6 members of the Union of Venture Students attended, each candidate for Great Yarmouth MP was handed an invitation to come in and answer the same questions that students had put forward.

Mr Webb had a tour around the academy and spoke to Cameron Hodds, Head Boy, Romy Simpson, Deputy Head Girl and Taylor Ball, Head of Media about his role, his campaign and how he wants to engage young people in politics more. After the tour of the academy and a brief meeting with Principal Simon Gilbert-Barnham and Assistant Principal Dave Richards, Mr Webb was interviewed on video by Cameron, Romy and Taylor.

Mr Webb responded to a variety of questions ranging from educational changes to Brexit, allowing the Union of Venture students get the answers they were looking for as well as information on how to get into politics. The video of the interview will be shared on our e-magazine later today and shown to students across the academy in the run up to our own mock election on Thursday 8th June.

Head of Media Taylor Ball said "it was really interesting to hear Mr Webb share his own experiences with the Youth Parliament and about how that is a really great way for young people to get into politics and also to hear more about his ideas and the changes to Great Yarmouth he is hoping to make."

At present Mr Webb is the only candidate to follow up and come into the academy to answer all questions put forward by the students, and we are very grateful to him for giving up the time from his busy schedule to do this today. Hopefully we may hear from some of the other candidates prior to the election on Thursday.
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