The boss baby

It is EPIC!!!!!!!!

There are 2 main characters called Tim and Boss Baby.

Tim is his parents only child. He is 7 1/2. Tim likes to pretend that he is on adventures like being in a space ship, a deep sea diver and exploring the congo.

Boss Baby - is a baby who can talk. He wears a suit and carries a briefcase. he works at Baby Corp. His enemy is puppies.

My review: The movie was great but also a bit sad. There were lots of funny bits. I liked the bit where he couldn't reach the door knob.

I would recommend seeing this film for kids any age. I would give this 10 / 10.

Interesting facts:
it has made oner $476 million dollars.
made by Dreamworks
Released on 31st March 2017
Boss Baby 2 is planned for 2021
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