We are bffs!

Isabelle, Scarlett and Hannah are bffs that means best friends forever.Isabelle and Scarlett have a bff necklace we are trying to get a three person one. Scarlett and Isabelle met when they were 1 month old.. Scarlett and Isabelle met Hannah when they were 4. Scarlett's and Hannahs mum did the mens health together. Scarlett's, Hannahs and Isabelle's mums sometimes go to the pub together. Scarlett, Hannah and Isabelle know a little song it goes it goes like this,
criss-cross lollipop turn around karate chop thumbs together bums together now we are best friends forever.
Scarlett and Isabelle do dancing on a Saturday. They do tap, ballet, irish and street. They really want to start jazz as well but we cant do it because Scarlett's brother football starts at the same time as jazz and if they did do it they would have to wait for it to start for half an hour. When we are allowed on the field Scarlett, Hannah and Isabelle normally do handstands together with a bunch of other girls. When Scarlett and Isabelle were young on Monday and Tuesday they used to go to each others house because eather Scarlett's parents were at work or Isabelle's parents were at work. Before every disco Hannah goes to Scarlett's house or Scarlett goes to Hannahs house.

WE ARE BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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