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Old Trafford- capacity is 75,640 team is Manchester united nick name man u
Allianz arena- capacity is 75,000 team is Germany nick name is Germans
Wembley- capacity is 90,000 team is England. footy fact- Wembley has a moving roof
Etihad AKA (man u lovers) the empty car park no offence city fans lets get on capacity is 55,097 team Manchester city nick name man city

facts / tours

For any Manchester United fan, an Old Trafford Football Stadium tour provides the ultimate experience in following in the footsteps of your favorite star. Old Trafford Stadium may just be the most world renowned athletic field in the history of football. In the “glory room”, you will marvel at the spectacle of trophies that have been won by the franchise throughout their history. You will also be able to sit in the same spot as superstar David Beckham upon your perusal of the home changing room, and get to see what the view is like from the dugout where Sir Alex Ferguson yelled onto the field, either in praise or in disgust.

The Old Trafford tour is one of the most popular in all of sports, with over 200,000 fans taking the tour annually, and one that you will not want to miss. You will have unlimited access to this monstrous 70,000 seat stadium, and visit the museum which was opened by the legendary Pele back in 1998. The tour guides are not only friendly but knowledgeable, and with over 25 tours to choose from this is an experience that you can’t afford to miss out on if you are a true Manchester United fanatic.

Taking a City of Manchester Football Stadium tour can have you walking in the shoes of your favourite Manchester City football hero. The stadium has the widest pitch in all of English football, and although the stadium was only built in 2003, it has proven to be one of the most amazing stadiums you will ever visit. Featuring three tiers and with a seating capacity of over 47,700, you can experience this grand stadium in a way like no other fan upon taking a City of Manchester Stadium tour, also now known as Etihad Stadium.

See where you favorite players get ready for their games by touring the home dressing room, take a walk through the tunnel where they come onto the field, visit the director’s box, and you’ll even be able to check out the memorial garden. You’ll also be astonished when you visit the official Manchester City FC Museum featuring classic historical photos and an awe-inspiring collection of memorabilia. This is an opportunity that every Man City fan will want to take advantage of. For any Bolton Wanderers fan, a Reebok Stadium tour can present the opportunity of a lifetime. During the tour you will be taken on a fascinating journey through the history of the club while checking out the most famous parts of the stadium, as well as some that you may never have even known existed. As part of the ultimate experience for any Bolton fan, you will get to take stroll through the players tunnel, check out the field from the press box on the upper tier, visit the changing room where your favourite Bolton star gets ready for the game, and even check out the pitch-side dug-out where you can experience the view of the Wanderers manager.

Whether you are interested in taking the whole family or just a fan who wants to spend the day checking out the makings of the stadium where your favourite team plays, a RWalk in the shoes of your favourite Chelsea football star by taking a Stamford Bridge Football Stadium tour. As part of this once in a lifetime event, you will be able to experience over 100 years of the history of Chelsea football by having access to the Centenary Museum. You’ll also feel the thrill of walking down the tunnel that your favorite team enters the field through, and also check out the dressing room where players have celebrated in victory and hung their heads in defeat.

You’ll also be granted access to the press room, and as a special treat, you’ll have your photo taken while standing in the shed upper tier. The Stamford Bridge Tour is one 75 minute extravaganza that, as a Chelsea fan, you will not want to miss Chelsea FC Stadium Tour
eBook Stadium tour will provide you an experience like no other.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, there’s no better way to walk in the shoes of your favourite Arsenal hero than by taking an Emirates Stadium tour. The tour is like having an all access pass to one of the most fabulous stadiums in the modern era of football. You’ll be able to have a seat in the director’s box and see what it’s like to see the game through the eye’s of high society. You’ll also be able to walk through the tunnel where your favourite players enter the field and sit on the very same benches as your favourite Arsenal star while checking out the changing room.

You can also be one of the first fans to visit the Arsenal Museum and trophy room, featuring their customised cup for being undefeated in the 2003/2004 season, among other memorabilia and exhibits. There are a few Emirates Stadium tours to choose from, from the basic tour to having an Arsenal legend as your tour guide. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a football stadium tour that you won’t want to miss
A Wembley Stadium Football Stadium tour is something that will live on in your memory for as long as you live. Like many historical Wembley players have done, you will get to check out the locker room where many legends have laughed and cried. Feel the thrill of stepping out onto this revered field from entering through the tunnel like many Wembley players have done through the years. Stand victoriously with The Cup in front of the Royal Box. The only other way to experience what this Wembley Stadium tour has to offer is by being a part of the team.

You will have access to players only sections of the field, such as changing rooms, treatment rooms, the players warm-up zone, press conference room, dugouts, and post-match interview area. You will also be in awe when you view the statue of one of the greatest football players to ever live and most capped outfield player in the history of England, Bobby Moore. Take advantage of one of the four tours available and experience Wembley Stadium in a way that only those who take a football stadium tour or are part of the team can.

Villa Park is the home to Aston Villa Football Club located in Birmingham, the West Midlands. Visiting the stadium is often considered to be a dream so if you know a huge Aston Villa fan why not make their dreams reality by buying them the gift experience of a lifetime, the opportunity to have a guided tour around the Aston Villa Football Club stadium?

The Villa Park tour for two adults is suitable for anyone over 16 years old and will start off by taking a walk along the pitch giving you the chance to look onto it in the same perspective as your favourite football hero! You will then move towards the legendary dressing room with your tour guide. The dressing room is where the main team get ready prior to every match and as a room filled with football history and excitement the true fan can easily imagine the build-up of the tense yet exciting atmosphere felt before and during every Aston Villa football match.

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As you tour through the stadium your guide will divulge some of the history of the football club, the current team and the stadium and will give you a never before seen insight into your team, Aston Villa.

The tour of the Aston Villa Football club will last approximately two hours and cost only £26 which for two people is a great bargain!

Availability of the football club tour is on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday throughout the year and must be booked within 10 months of the purchase of the gift voucher otherwise it will expire. You should also aim to book as far in advance as possible as availability is limited. Please bear in mind that if there is a match taking place on the pitch you will not be able to tour the stadium before or after the match.

Following your tour of Aston Villa’s stadium you could choose to then have lunch in the award winning Aston Villa restaurant, you never know who you might see inside!

White Hart Lane has been the historic home of Tottenham Hotspur since 1899. Throughout its history many famous matches have been played within its confines and some of the world’s most prolific players have graced its pitch. On a White Hart Lane stadium tour you get the chance to see behind the scenes and view trophies and items of historic significance to the Club. This will give every Spurs fan the opportunity to take unique photographs and learn about the glorious history of Tottenham Hotspur.

You will be greeted by your guide who, over the duration of the tour, will share with you their extensive knowledge about the history and contemporary activities of the Club. Your tour will start on the High Road inside the foyer of the Club Megastore and will take you down Bill Nicholson Way and in to the famous West Stand. From here you will be able to walk in the footsteps of Spurs legends and heroes by entering the tunnel, viewing the home dressing room and seeing the unique view of the stadium from the technical area and dug-outs. In addition you will see the press auditorium, Director’s Box and much, much more

Follow in the footsteps of your favourite Fulham player by taking a Craven Cottage Football Stadium tour. With the first game being played here in 1896, Fulham is the oldest of England’s first class football clubs. Throughout their history, it has at times been an all out war just to have the team stay in this place that they have called home for so many years. Still one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world of football, it features amazing riverside views and the new marvelous Grade II listed Johnny Hayes stand, formerly known as Stevenage Road Stand.

This tour is something that every Fulham fan needs to experience. On the tour you will get to visit the dug outs, dressing rooms, press facilities, cottage balcony, and even the corporate hospitality areas. You will find that there are many captivating stories and facts about the grounds here that date back to the late 1700’s. You won’t leave the tour hungry either, as a 3 course lunch will be provided at the George Cohen restaurant upon the completion of your stadium tour.
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