British Gymnastics

On sunday the 21st of may, I went to a gymnastics competition as part of Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Acadamy!

So you read the subtitle at the top. And yes, I entered a competition. Let me talk you through my day.
Before the comp, me and my sister were really scared. When we got in the sports hall, we were all told not to be afraid. I knew I was in set 2 red. At first I was on the vault. I did the best I could. We did 2 practise and 2 real. Each time I spang on the power board and landed neatly in a straddle.

After a quick drink, my group went over to floor. We only got one real go.
Let me talk you through my routine.
straight jump
one leg balance
high bunny hop
forwards roll to pike
front support
tuck jump.

Soon after, we had the medals presented.
I found out that I had come 6th! According to my mum, my face when my name was called out was heart breaking!
I didn't find out what place I came On floor; they only announced 6th-1st, but it was sure a memorable day.
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