Data Protection Day - Thursday 28 January 2010

Data Protection Day is a global awareness day for the protection of personal information and in the UK the Information Commissioner’s Office is supporting the activities.

The aim of the activities planned for this day are to raise awareness to school children and their teachers about privacy rights and also provide a better understanding of data protection and how to protect information whilst online. The i in online project will be a vehicle to achieve this awareness through face to face presentations, with interactive sessions using PowerPoint and videos, where our lawyers highlight the practical and legal aspects of this topic. This session is followed by a forum discussion with the school children, where we would like them to act as digital representatives for their peers and have their views heard and finishes with group workshops.

What activities can your school get involved in on the day?

1) Attend the live presentations at locations across the country
We are delivering live presentations for school children and teachers to attend at locations across the country. The various locations include: London, Leeds, Birmingham and Chester.

2) Request for your school to be picked for an on site presentation
If your school is located close to the following areas you are welcome to request lawyers presenter either at an assembly, PSHE session or during another class time.
Inner and Greater London; Cambridge; Oxford; Brighton; Plymouth; Manchester.
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