Do you want to learn about Italy, come here.

Italy is a very beautiful place and has got loads of history and outstanding artifacts.
The capital city is Roma and home to the coliseum and a brilliant football team.
Juventus is at the north of the contuary and has the best football team in Italy.
Italy has also got a skillful international team and my favourite player is Bonucci who is a defender.
Quick facts;
Italy is also famous for making pasta and pizza[which are both delicious.]
It is also very hot and there are beaches and pools everywhere [outstanding.]

Italy's full of art and history like Romans to Leonardo Di Vinci.
His most famous pice is the Mona Lisa, but it remains a mystery as to who she was.
The Romans were a fierce bunch who conquered the world, but most Roman citizens died by a volcano eruption in pompai, Napoil. The volcano was called Mont Vesuvius which scientist are still trying to find out if its active or not. In Roman times the most intresting sport was gladiator fighting.
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