Beat Go POP!

Come and join Mrs C's class and get bopping.

We LOVE GoNoodle it's great to get us moving and we know that when we move around oxygen rich blood gets pumped to our brains which help us learn smarter.
This week before numeracy we have done this dance and love it so much we want to share it with you. So take a look and 'let the beat go pop!'
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Miss K says...
Popping moves Y2, brilliant!
In year 4, we love GoNoodle too!
4 months ago
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Leo says...
Nice dancing guys??, love Leo
4 months ago
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Mrs C says...
Thanks Leo
It's a shame you weren't there but I think you need to rest your arm from now on.
4 months ago
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Thomas Co says...
We were great!!!????
4 months ago
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