Persistent Plants

In Science we have been learning about how plants are determined and 'stick at it' to survive.

Our Resurrection Plant in Action
In Science we have been learning about the lengths plants go to, to survive. We have learnt about seed dispersal, the importance of light and water. Plants are VERY persistent they show determination and resilience - we want to be just like plants!

Some cool Resurrection Plant Facts
  • Resurrection plants are a species of plant found in the habitat of the Chihuahuan Desert, located across the Mexican and United States border.

  • Resurrection plants are also known as ‘resurrection moss’, ‘dinosaur plants’, ‘flowers of stone’, and ‘roses of Jericho’, though they should not be confused with the Anastatica hierochuntica plant which is also known as ‘rose of Jericho’.

  • Resurrection plants are known for opening outwards when exposed to moisture, and being closed in a tight ball when dehydrated.

  • The colour of a dry resurrection plant is brown, while it turns green when moist, and the leaves, when unfurled, are fern-like.

  • Resurrection plants can survive extensive periods without water, and when moisture is provided, it can appear to “resurrect” even from stages of extreme dryness.

What do you think will happen to our plant when we take it out of water?
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