Diggerland Yorkshire

A trip to Diggerland with my best friends.

For anybody who loves diggers, car and rides this is an amazing place to go for a day out.
Starting off we drove tractors then we went to the diggers where we had to dig for treasure. We had to find two bricks buried in the rocks and water, we all managed to find them.
There was 'hook a duck' with diggers. So we had to use the grabber on the front of the digger to grab the duck.
My favourite part of the trip was getting to drive a Mitsubishi. We were tested on our driving skills, carefully moving the vehicle around the circuit avoiding the mud holes. In the end I got a score of 96%. There was go karting, but this was quite slow, but still fun to race each other.
Then at the end we went on spin dizzy. This ride was on a huge digger and you sat in the huge scoop. It span you 50ft high really fast with the wind pinning you to your seat!!!
There is also a play area and a gift shop were you can buy all sorts!
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